Sissies Gone Wild


Had a great talk last night with my bestie Jay — and eventually we got to talking about sissy faggots. Gosh seriously — how does it always roll around to that. She is totally in love with the whole sissy humiliation side and well, I sometimes like that too but I really LOVE when I can turn someone into a sissy or edge them into becoming more of a sissy. It feels like I made something — like a little faggot project — lol.

I mean not sure there really is anything hotter than someone pushing their limits so when a sissy tells me in a sissy phone sex call that they FINALLY sucked a big dick — well that is like music to my ears — I know it is only a matter of time before that little faggot will be gangbanged — ;)

Mmmmm hmmm — and my hardcore sissies reading this are already hot!


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